Mar 2024

To the wonderful users of my texture pack, thank you for more than 10 years of playing together. <3

As of March 2024, I'm deciding to put the pack to rest and move on to the next exciting chapter on life. I've had so much fun working on this project, learned a lot about pixel art, 3D modeling, colour theory, natural fibres and dying processes (which my flower choices are all based in), video editing, commission work, and much more.

Sadly, the pack isn't the source of joy for me it once was. Regular updates to Minecraft's file architecture and the feeling of needing to keep up with changes to remain relevant isn't all that fun. (For those of you who remember "The Flattening", I'm still mad. :P )

I've kept up with edits as much as I have in recent years thanks in full to the wonderful support and encouragement of you, the pack users. I'm still very proud of it as a portfolio piece, and glad to know it's brought a bit of enjoyment to so many of you. I've heard more than once that, for a few dedicated users, Minecraft and the Fantasy Pack are almost synonymous, and I can't properly express how much that's meant to me. Because of you, at the golden era of update regularity, the project was sitting in the top 100 entries (out of >30,000) in Planet Minecraft's "Best of All Time" listings.

Thank you for well over a decade of punching trees, strip mining at level 11, refurbishing and protecting assaulted villages, and killing dragons with the power of sleep. May your Mending picks be forever at full durability, and your wheat/oat fields be forever golden. Y'all made this a wonderful thing. <3

(If anyone is curious about continuing the pack after my retirement, feel free to reach out.)

Mar 2023

I've recently fallen back in love with pixel art and video game design, launching (and eventually closing) a brand new Fiverr account to celebrate rekindling with my old flame.

Leading up to this, I spent a few months on a deep dive into colour theory, taking inspiration from the fine pixel folk of Lospec and starting my own account on their platform, and designed a series of restrictive colour palettes for my style.

This feels like coming home. After years of exploring game design in my teens and early 20's before falling off the wagon as life and self-doubt crept up on me, getting back into asset design is like finding a piece of myself I didn't know was missing and welcoming it back to a cozy fire and a mug of hot chocolate.