Jehkoba's Fantasy

A Minecraft (Java) Resource Pack by Zack Simon

New textures, variability, and 3D models.

New textures and variability.

1.19.2 Updates

* NEW Mangrove Trees, Planks, related items (WIP)
* NEW Boats with Chests
* NEW Raw Iron, Copper, and Gold Icons and Blocks
* NEW Rooted Dirt, Mud, Packed Mud, and Mud Bricks
* NEW Tadpole Bucket, Music Disks (Otherside, 5)
* NEW misc. other 1.19 icons
* NEW Glow Item Frame & Glow Lichen
* NEW Reinforced Deepslate

* EDITS to Strider and associated Saddle
* EDITS to Blue Orchid flower, better tone-matching to its native swampy habitat
* EDITS to default Skulk blocks and Warden, tone-matching for the existing pack blues
* EDITS to grass and leaf colour maps (minor)
* EDITS to map icon flag colours (minor)

* FIXED the missing texture for bell bars
* FIXED Cocoa Pods (Stage 3) texture misalignment
* FIXED Misalignment with top texture on crates of coal, raw copper, raw iron, and raw gold

Additional Plug-Ins

Language and GUI text edits to fit the pack aesthetic, as an optional add-on.

Replaces all birch-related foliage with a rich, golden-hued autumn tone.

Adds layers of depth to leaf blocks, giving them a more rounded, bushy appearance.

A standalone plug-in to use the villagers from the pack without the rest of the mod.