JUL 26, 2018 Update - I'm really, really grumpy about 1 . 1 3.  Renaming every texture file in the game was, pardon my language, a dick move that's caused every bit of content made by fans to break in half, leaving only determined creators in it's wake.

It's like they took a carefully organized, Dewey-Decimal-System-Compliant public library of file paths that (mostly) made sense for creators to work with, and decided to alphabetize the whole collection by book title only - categories and authors be damned.


This version should integrate the pack with new 1.13 paths.  I'll get to actually making new content over the next few weeks.  Thank you to everyone for your patience with this.  ♥

DEC 12, 2017 Update - I've been keeping the PMC files updated very regularly for the past month or so, but realize I've slacked on my own site.  (#shameface)

This update will bring both versions back up to snuff, and has a slew of new features including new crops and Nether Woad (which I'm super pleased with,) variable ferns and tall ferns, new Prismarine-related textures, and much more.

I've also brought the variable textures to the 2D version, as well as a couple small, key 3D models for things like Crates of Woad and Crates of Coal.

This will probably be the last big update for a little bit, until the next version of Minecraft comes out (with horses that I'll actually do textures for.)  I might get inspired before then, but life's busy right now, and the lazy hermit vibes are strong with this one.

Happy holidays, and see you in the new year.  :) ♥

NOV 8, 2017 Giant Update #2 - This thing is starting to feel better every day.  I've completely overhauled boats (and am embarrassed at what they were before,) whipped up some better music-players, and made more little tweaks and adjustments than I can track.

I've still got a ways to go before this thing is what I'd consider "Up To Date" with both the game assets and my own skill and style, but I'm having fun with the upgrades.  Still holding off on getting too into screenshots, because everything keeps changing week after week.  Maybe by the end of the year?  We'll see.  ♥

OCT 31, 2017 Giant Update - Honestly, I'm not paying a lot of attention to tracking everything I'm changing, because I'm revisiting everything about the pack.

I've looked at flowers, wools, dyes and general colour scheme.  I'm in the process of doing all new foods.  I'm going back and reviewing the mobs - both friendly and hostile - and making them better, or adding variable textures, or both.  I'm going further into the new GUI, because it's nice and clean right now, but not very interesting - and frankly, I can do better.

Basically, this is a mid point where I catch my breath and awkwardly wave to everyone while still being in the middle of an updating whirlwind.  At the rate I've been going, the whole pack is going to be revampedby the end of the year, and it's going to be so much better.

Keep checking back, keep your versions up to date (if you're a keener like me) and I hope everyone's enjoying the new content.  ♥

Oct. 2017 Big Update - A bunch of changes this time.  A fancy new Clock animation was well overdue.  I've added randomized, variable textures to a handful of blocks (with more to come), and tweaked several of the weapons, tools, and items.

Note that the 2D version does not have variable textures, since the /models and /blockstates folders are kind of intertwined now.

Oct. 2017 Item Update #1 - It was brought to my attention that a lot of the items in the pack are kind of "default plus", which is fair.  That's not what I want moving forward, so, I'm starting to revamp all of them from the ground up, starting with tools and basic materials.

Sep. 2017 Block Update #2 - Fences and Gates have received both custom textures and new 3D models!  Also, most flowers have been revamped (and renamed) and now better fit the pack aesthetic.  ♥

Sep. 2017 Block Update #1 - All planks and cobblestone are better aligned to the game grid.  Pistons and Glowstone each get a much-needed update.  Wool is warmer and cozier, Purpur looks a bit...  Weirder, Grass Siding has less compacted dirt, and more.

New & variable textures, 3D Meshes for ladders, doors, rails, torches, fences, craft tables, + more.

2D & variable textures only.
(For slower computrons.)

Last Update: JUL 27, 2018
Game Version: 1 . 1 3

* Fixed all file paths to comply with new (ridiculous) 1 . 1 3 versions.  The pack should run properly, but I expect a few bugs.
* Removed now-obsolete horse textures (will revisit soon)
* New 1 . 1 3 textures coming soon.


DEC 12, 2017
Game Version: 1 . 1 2 . 2

* New Potatoes (crops + item)
* New Nether Woad
* New Prismarine things
* New Trap Doors
* Variable Ferns + Tall Ferns
* Variable blocks now included in 2D version
* New Custom Font
* Updated .LANG files
* Fixed unlit redstone torch mesh
* Probably other stuff