Oct. 2017 Big Update - A bunch of changes this time.  A fancy new Clock animation was well overdue.  I've added randomized, variable textures to a handful of blocks (with more to come), and tweaked several of the weapons, tools, and items.

Note that the 2D version does not have variable textures, since the /models and /blockstates folders are kind of intertwined now.

Oct. 2017 Item Update #1 - It was brought to my attention that a lot of the items in the pack are kind of "default plus", which is fair.  That's not what I want moving forward, so, I'm starting to revamp all of them from the ground up, starting with tools and basic materials.

Sep. 2017 Block Update #2 - Fences and Gates have received both custom textures and new 3D models!  Also, most flowers have been revamped (and renamed) and now better fit the pack aesthetic.  ♥

Sep. 2017 Block Update #1 - All planks and cobblestone are better aligned to the game grid.  Pistons and Glowstone each get a much-needed update.  Wool is warmer and cozier, Purpur looks a bit...  Weirder, Grass Siding has less compacted dirt, and more.

Flat textures, no 3D meshes.

New textures & 3D Meshes for ladders, doors, rails, torches, fences, craft tables, + more.

Last Update: Oct 12, 2017
Game Version: 1 . 1 2 . 2

* Variable Cobble, Brick, Bookshelf, and Dirt textures
* New Clock
, plus tweaks to several tools and items
* Fences edited to tile better
as vertical posts.
* Updates to English .Lang files
* Other Stuff

----(Oct 5, 2017)----

* Variable Grass textures
* More new Items including quartz, clay, flint, flint & steel, and more
* Tweaks to all new tools
* Wording Change:
* Fixed various text errors